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Halal Beauty at beautyexpo 2019

Malaysia ranked the world's second in Halal Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics.

Based on the research conducted by Department of Statistics Malaysia, the Malaysian halal industry’s export raised RM1.2 billion last year when it hit RM43.4 billion compared to 2016. Small and medium industries generated a total of RM3.8 billion to the market while small enterprises contributed RM1.5 billion. Halal Industry Development Corp Sdn Bhd (HDC) CEO, Datuk Seri Jamil Bidin said multinational companies (MNCs) continue to dominate the market with RM38 billion worth of export recorded. During the soft launch of Word Halal Week 2018, he states that the export value of cosmetics and personal care products in Malaysia is RM2.9 billion. 

According to Islamic Tourism Centre of Malaysia, the department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) expanded the halal section and named it JAKIM’s Halal Hub due to the rapid development of Halal certification in Malaysia. As the world’s first halal certification body and the robust halal standards in Malaysia, JAKIM is well recognised as one of the strongest regulatory authorities responsible for monitoring the market in the halal industry.

To put an emphasis on Malaysia’s performance in Halal market, Halal Industry Development Corp Sdn Bhd (HDC) CEO, Dato' Seri Jamil announced that the country's total Halal export value in 2017 amounted to RM43.39 billion, increasing RM1.2 billion from the previous year. Malaysia is the perfect country for Halal trade and beautyexpo is the only beauty trade show that has a dedicated Halal Cosmetics zone. This exhibition is an exclusive getaway to Halal certification where business opportunities with a pool of Halal manufacturers, distributors and buyers are within the exhibition hall.


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