Beauty Expo

Top 30 Finalists

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1. Selected 30 finalists will be invited to demonstrate their works International Mastery Award (IMA) on 8 October 2018 in beautyexpo.
2. About finalist's dress code:
     Black shirt and pants
3. Finalists are required to bring their own tools and electrical equipment.
4. One electrical outlet is provided for each contestant.
5. Apron and cape are provided but it has to be returned after the competition.
6. Models and makeup can be different from the photo but the entire style and concept of hairdo must be 80% similar to the photo submission.  
7. Before the competition starts, models' hair should be left loose. Setting of hair (with rollers), curling tongs of hair (left untouched) are allowed.
8. No hair pieces, hair extension and color spray is allowed.
9. Duration of Competition: 45 minutes