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YouTube Channel

Rewatch Be Hair & Cosmobeauté Videos On Our YouTube Channel!

To bring the entire beauty and hair community even closer, Cosmobeauté Channel and BE Hair Channel will run simultaneously, spotlighting segments on Aesthetic, Beauty, Cosmetics & Embroidery, Hair, Nail and Spa & Wellness, through binge-worthy live streaming and on-demand content. The latest digital initiative will feature an array of stellar speakers and key industry leaders to exchange ideas and education sessions.

BE Hair Channel EP01:
Create Hub (M) Sdn Bhd

Cosmobeauté Channel EP01:
CS12 Beauty International Sdn Bhd

Cosmobeauté Channel EP02: Monarch Aesthetic Sdn Bhd

Cosmobeauté Channel EP03:
NXG Global Sdn Bhd

Cosmobeauté Channel EP04:
La-Liz Industrial Ltd (Hong Kong)

Cosmobeauté Channel EP05:
Youshine Solution Sdn Bhd